The Parade 2000-2009


 2000: Red Hot Wheels collectible toy. 9:30 AM start. New patch. Sante Fe train. Toys for Tots gets an office/warehouse. Harley-Davidson raffle. 12 cable shows. 25,000 riders. 

 2001: New rockers. St. Joseph bike show. Harley-Davidson raffle. Ceramic bear. Cable TV show. 30,000 riders. 



2002: Silver Hot Wheels collectible toy. Special 25th Anniversary pin and license plates. Harley-Davidson raffle. 18,000 riders.

2003: White collectible ornament. St. Joseph bike show. 43,000 riders.


 2004: Cooch becomes president of Toys for Tots. Red collectible ornament. Donation tags. Utica trip to help and bring toys to tornado victims. 45,000 riders.  Deputy Frank Griseto was killed by a car driver who drove into the procession. 



2005: Green collectible ornament. Harley-Davidson raffle. Cable TV show. 2000 riders.

2006: Collectible Parade crystal. Blue ornament. Harley-Davidson raffle. Cable TV show.


 2007: Final meeting at the Stempiens VFW. Black ornament. Special 30th Anniversary pin, patch, crystal, and bell. Click here for a link to a video. 



2008: Santo Procenti becomes president of Toys for Tots. Meetings are now at the Summit VFW. Last time The Parade ended at the Marine Corps center. 

2009: We start a Toys for Tots Facebook page. First time The Parade ends at the Lane Tech and DeVry Campus.