The Parade 1978 - 1989


It all started on December 13, 1978



1978: Aminal, Puppy, Thor, Namu, Princess, and Mark-off planned the first TFT Parade.  On December 13, 1978, Thor, Puppy and Aminal left from Fantasy Choppers on 2532 W. 63rd Street and headed for the Glenview Naval Air Station. There was only one motorcycle. Aminal originally was going to borrow a rigid-frame Triumph 250 but he couldn't get the bike started, so then he borrowed Puppy's Harley. On the way the bike's chain broke, but to make it a true motorcycle parade, Aminal had to get to the end. So he and Puppy held each other's arms, and he was towed to the Naval Air Station.


1979: (2nd Parade) 50 riders joined Aminal, leaving from the Venture Inn on 79th street and ending at the Marine Center on Foster.


1980: (3rd Parade) 200 riders go from 79th Street Venture Inn 

to the Marine Center. 


1981: (4th Parade) 1500 riders. First year with a pin. Parade permit issued.


1982: (5th Parade) Over 2000 riders start on 79th Street from the TNT Lounge.


1983: (6th Parade) 2000 riders.



1984: (7th Parade) More than 2000 riders.



1985: (8th Parade) The Dan Ryan Woods becomes the permanent starting point for The Parade.



1986: (9th Parade) About 3000 riders.


​1987: (10th Parade) About 3000 riders. 'The Capitalist Tools" attend and their leader Malcolm Forbes rides Elizabeth Taylor's "Purple Passion" Harley



 1988:  (11th Parade) 4000 riders

1989:  (12th Parade) 5000 riders